Aims and Objectives

This network was formed to enable a step-change in collaborative research activity between the UK and India in order to establish an interdisciplinary, multinational research centre focused on energy research.  Addressing the energy needs of both countries and to respond to changes in demand, globalisation of supply and impacts of climate change on national and international policy and practice. It is proposed that the collaborations will result in bilateral research programmes that result in technological advances which result in a material improvement of lives of both people in India and the UK.
This UK-India network aims to:

  • Promote interactions between UK and Indian energy researchers to increase understanding of mutual research capabilities and build capacity to enable collaborative responses to changes in the global energy landscape.
  • Identify innovative solutions within sustainable energy technologies appropriate for deployment in India and the UK.

The Objectives of the network are to:

    • Develop new and innovative research collaborations
    • Generate new joint research proposals which increase UK-India research competitiveness and promote a step-change in R&D activity in the area of sustainable energy technologies
    • Expand the network in both countries beyond the initial partners to include academic, industrial, government and NGO partners and develop researcher and student exchanges to ensure the networks future sustainability
    • Better understand the social, ethical and environmental contexts of current and proposed technological advances in sustainable energy in both countries.


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